Pearl's Chinese Restaurant stands for the most authentic Chinese Cuisine. It has a 20-year history.

Its fine décor, special dishes and excellent hospitality will surely make your visit memorable. The generous servings of sumptuous food with a casual romantic ambience will lure you to visit it again and again.

We have a friendly staff to take care of all your dining needs. Whether it's just you and your friend, or your whole office, we will satisfy you.

We offer an intimate atmosphere for dining with friends, or you could bring in associates for a tasteful business luncheon!

Pearl's Chinese Restaurant has all the things most people look for in a Chinese restaurant: a widely varied menu, consistently tasty food in generous portions, and very reasonable prices. Add pleasant, speedy service and you can hardly go wrong.

Experience Chinese cuisine at its finest with our daily Chef's Recommendations!

Pearl's Chinese Restaurant is a new kind of restaurant that shows the passion for the world's best cuisine created from the world's best ingredients. "Little Dishes" with a global orientation featuring wines hand-picked to pair with Pearl's Chinese Restaurant's unique creations. Not a Tapas Bar, but Pearl's Chinese Restaurant's viewpoint on world cuisine.

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Pearl's Chinese Restaurant has a 20-year history. It provides a full menu, first class food and wonderful service. Dining at Pearl's Chinese Restaurant Restaurant is like eating with friends.

Consider Pearl's Chinese Restaurant Restaurant to embrace the concept of sharing plates with the ones you love. Food and wine is love.


Mon.-Thu.: 11:30am-10:00pm
Fri.-Sat.: 11:30am-11:00pm
Sunday: 12:00noon-10:00pm



Caitlin W.

Great Chinese place. Anytime we are over on that side of town we get Chinese from them. It's the best we have found in the area!!


Ted N.

This is it! Such great Chinese food has been so hard to find in Orlando.  But it is here at Pearl's. Fresh ingredients, wonderful sauces, a huge menu of creative dishes, and super friendly staff.  Walking up to it from the parking lot gives the impression of a small restaurant. Don't be fooled. It opens up inside to a nicely decorated establishment.Most restaurants have a small menu and the food tastes like steam table leftovers.  If you are ready to move up scale and enjoy excellent food at reasonable prices come to Pearl's.


Bret G.

We were building a location nearby and ate lunch here several times and I have to say this Establishment was very clean and the owners were super nice and friendly. The food that we ate several different choices was amazing and they also cater to your needs as well. If you're looking for a nice quiet place family run and owned with great food then you found a place at Pearls


Helen W.

This is one of my favorite Chinese Restaurant close to where I work. It is located by Central Florida Parkway and Orange Wood,  where there is a Publix and other shopping stores.  They have to go and delivery service. I always come here for lunch, right is good and the quality of the food is amazing, portion is just right for lunch. Amazing staff and the owner is very nice. He is there to serve and talk to you to see how is the food. My favorite dish is Shrimp with vegetables; curry chicken; pepper steak. Lunch comes with egg roll or soup.  Their hot and sour soup is one of the best I ever had. Today my daughter likes the cook corn soup and owner is very nice to substitute the soup with no charge. She enjoys the chicken corn soup and eat it all. My husband tried the curry chicken today and he likes it too. Amazing Chinese restaurant, I highly recommend you to try it.


Juliet H.

One of my favorite places to order take out when I'm in Orlando! Lots of options and they deliver!


Kit K.

This place is right by sea world area in the Publix plaza. The Publix is currently being rebuild, and Pearls only have a small sign so most people don't know they are there. This is real authentic Chinese food! My family was there for lunch it was the weekend and they have an amazing lunch menu. .99  for most dishes and it come with your choices of soup/egg roll and rice. We got the pepper beef, curry chicken, and seafood with string beans. All of them is amazing and for that price? You can't beat that. The sauce is amazing, I might have over ate a little. Definitely recommend this place.


Ayesha H.

The food was good but I wish they had a server that understood English better. Gave me the wrong item because she couldn't understand what I said. Returned the item for the right one but they still charged me for the wrong item that was given to me. Whatever I guess but it took away from my experience here. 3 star cause the food was pretty good.


Diane G.

Worst Chinese food ever!  Not to Mention the dead cockroach in our fried rice. Gross!


Erica H.

Just your typical Chinese food place it's not bad nor amazing, it's Chinese food that tastes the same as any other Chinese place. They give you a ton of rice but their rice is boring nothing special.


Andy V.

I was in Orlando for Christmas and needing some grub. So it's Christmas Eve around probably 7p or 8p and I'm thinking, "what the heck is going to be open at this time of night on Christmas Eve?" I got on Yelp and found Pearl's. Pulling into the lot, which of course, it's in a shopping plaza (gotta love Florida). I walked inside and there was only one other person there. Is this a bad sign? Well, too late because I'm already here. I sat down and was given my menu. My friend said we should leave but I said just trust me, we'll be fine...hopefully.The menu is traditional Americanized Chinese food. You name it, they've got it. I ordered their iced oolong tea which was phenomenal. I ordered a combination platter for my meal: sweet and sour pork with fried rice, an egg roll and wonton soup.While we waited the restaurant got busier in busier. The phone rang off the hook the entire time. I was feeling much better about this place.The wonton soup was great. The egg roll was too. The sweet and sour pork was pretty good as well (the breading could have been a little lighter) and I enjoyed the fried rice. You get huge portions of food there so come hungry.We had a very funny server who kept checking up on us (almost constantly). If we weren't eating he'd ask us why, "don't you like?" We assured him we did and that everything was fine. When we were finished, "oh, not that hungry?" he said. I just laughed and assured him we were happy with our meal.A good meal. Under . I'm definitely a fan of Pearl's.


Peter M.

My wife and I had a craving for Chinese food while we were in town for the week and we stumbled upon Pearl's. It's a quaint little restaurant with a very friendly staff and the food was delicious. We are always on the search for good egg foo young and chicken wings. Both were incredible! Their fried rice and lo mein were above average and they had a very tasty wonton soup. I would highly recommend Pearl's if you have a hankering for Chinese food. Oh and it's pretty affordable, too!


Nick A.

Honestly my favorite Chinese take out in Orlando. Haven't had any bad experience and food is always hot and fresh when I come pick it up.


M L.

Wow- this has become as much a part of our trip to Orlando as coming to the resort or any of the theme parks. We found it by chance one trip as we were looking for somewhere different to eat. That first trip was carryout and since then we manage at least one trip to this restaurant and more than one if we can manage it. Portions - overly generous even in the combination dinner (.00) which included a choice of a soup, and an egg roll  and a large dinner plate split equally with chicken and fried rice. These were large chunks of boneless white meat chicken ( sesame chicken) described as "wonderful" by that customer The sweet and sour chicken entree was also under .00 and was a large dinner plate covered with lightly battered white meat chicken and a separate bowl of sauce. And great sauce not the overly sticky , syrup like sauce often found in this dish. And keeping it separate avoided the soggy battered pieces often experienced. Then the lomein - where can you get house or combo lomein for under .00?  Filled with 4 different proteins including fantastically fresh shrimp. Being a lomein connoisseur  , this one was truly the top of the noodle game.  So many great things about every dish one of which is the fact that there are leftovers to enjoy for lunch tomorrow. The only thing will be getting to the leftovers before the rest of the condo. All of us have leftovers even though we shared dishes during tonight's meal. So- you can't go wrong with a visit to Pearls wether carryout or dine in. The only bad thing will be having to decide which dish to order for the night.  Close to everything on East Central Florida parkway near International.  You'll be glad you dined here.


Ellen P.

This is the best Chinese food I have found in Florida and I have tried.  Everything is homemade.  Don't miss this place.  The owner spent some time talking to us. Lots of great food. Super pot stickers and amazing moo shu pork. You have to try this pkace


Angela J.

Pearl's Restaurant on Central Fl. Pkwy... 2-13-19A BIG THUMBS DOWN ! Way down...Clean ? yes.Food okay ? yes. Price ? a little too high.SERVICE, NON EXISTENT.Not once, but over and over with all the employees or owners or who ever they are every time go in there... and for the other tables where Americans are sitting also....No hello or good-bye. No thank you, or are you ready to order, or would you like a to go box, or anything. I had to ask for EVERYTHING,  as though I were a burden to them... AND NO FORTUNE COOKIE... REALLY LOUSY SERVICE. Yet... there was Chinese family at the table next table and they received excellent Service. The man used a tray and gave them chop sticks, and a huge bowl rice... he came back to them over and over. He was polite,  caring and served them in a friendly manner... Do the owners realize that I have many choices to choose from the next time I am in the mood for a little Chinese food... after all there is another place around the corner and it very YUMMY.


Stephanie G.

We order here all the time... will I order again? Probably.  The food is fine and it's nearby.  Oh but today they have delivered food to a pregnant woman 30 minutes late.  When I called I was told they were "just a little busy"", they clearly cannot manage several orders.  Where are your priorities?  You've had my order in your hands for an hour and a half.  If I walked in and ordered it and it took this long you'd be serving an empty table because I would have been fed by now in another establishment.


Gabriel E.

Pretty good Chinese food and the service was spectacular. I ordered the honey chicken and it was astounding, the price was reasonable for the food but they serve a good amount for leftovers. Totally worth it.


Ms.tash C.

It was ok, I always order pepper steak which is Always tricky, do to the meat. The meat was gummy, so not sure what kind of beef but it was the chewy gummy beef that I hate. Hubby got sweet and sour chicken and shrimp, he said it was ok, chicken was dry and did not come with any onions or carrots, just chicken and shrimp.


Wendy U.

Wonderful!  Chef high quality, offered to customize our order.  Quiet and relaxing.  My husband appreciated having the game on.


Bob S.

What a gem. Tucked in a strip mall. Stopped in for a quick bite. Egg rolls and spring rolls were great. Singapore Rice Noodles perfect.

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