Paws & Whiskers - pet sitter, trainer and communicator - the Dr. Dolittle of caring and training. The bridge between owners and pets - creating harmony, peace & balance between canines, felines and humans.

Paws & Whiskers cares for your pet, exercises your pet, trains your pet and talks to your pet. We are an all in one pet service provider with an emphasis on quality. We care for your pet not just for the week, but for the future, in shaping their problem behavior into rewarding behavior, bored behavior into learning behavior. We are Charlotte’s premier pet sitter & canine obedience trainer. Please join our family of canines, felines and humans for future animal events, training events, behavioral events, clinics and more in Charlotte’s very own Animal Planet.

Our services include:

  • Daily pet siting visits - both am and pm
  • Overnight pet sitting visits
  • Mid-day walking services or potty breaks
  • Canine obedience training
  • Behavior modification training
  • Canine communication classes - Understanding body language and signals

Click here for more information on Pet Sitting Services, or Click here for more information on Canine Training Services.


Your pet remains in your home safe, secure and relaxed, reducing the stress and anxiety while you're away. In-home pet care alleviates the time and money in transporting your pet and eliminates any exposure to canine or feline illness.

Benefits of Canine Obedience Training

Any positive time you spend training with your dog strengthens the bond between the two of you. A professional dog trainer can show you the proper way to socialize your dog and correct any problem behavior.