10 Reasons to Choose Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone


Antique French Limestone Flooring - Dalle de Bourgogne

Dalle de Bourgogne, an antique stone from the Bourgogne region of France, brings forth a patina dating back to the 17th century. Pavé is a trusted source for procuring first choice of these magnificent antique stones.


Antique Belgian Bluestone Pavers

Antique Belgian Bluestone pavers make a formidable floor. The authenticity and historical context that exudes from the blue black satin patina of these foot worn surfaces are extraordinary.


Aged French Limestone Flooring

Holding court with the best quarries and manufacturers of aged French limestone means Pavé brings to market the most edited and prized of these aged stone pavers. The range of colors, textures and patinas, that are installed in their showroom, are extraordinary - recreating the look and feel of 18th century antique stones.


Reclaimed European Oak Engineered Flooring

Reclaimed European oak planks - from 80 to 200 years old - are salvaged then fabricated into planks or parquet onto breathable engineered backs that will accommodate the ebb and flow of one's home environment. The standards of quality by which our manufactures abide mean that only authentic European reclaimed oak is used and the expectations of the highest caliber engineered plank or parquet is achieved.


Dutch Blue Delft Tiles - Original Paintings Inspired by 17th Century Amsterdam Delft Tiles

For the love of Delft Tiles, Emmi Micallef's original hand paintings of life in 17th Century Amsterdam still makes its mark in the design world today.. bringing history and joy to a room.


Original Patina - 17th and 18th Century French Reclaimed Oak Flooring

A gorgeous and rare building material for the finest custom homes, this is true reclaimed French oak wide plank flooring. With the original surface from the 17th and 18th centuries, these glorious wide-plank reclaimed French oak floors are sourced from abandoned fine manor homes in Eastern France. This extraordinary material is treated with great care and milled by hand so as not to disturb its original patina.


Kings of France Grey Wood Floors

These grey wood floors are the most splendid and authentic aged French oak floors on the market....weaving the past into the present through art and technique of immense beauty. This wide plank oak flooring collection is the anchor to custom homes..and all things beautiful.


Trusted Source for French and Belgian Building Materials

Being raised in the South of France, Francois' relationship with France and his compatriots allows Pavé the resources to supply clients with the highest quality and most authentic antique French limestone, antique Belgian bluestone and Reclaimed French oak wide plank flooring.


Aged French Oak Solid, Engineered and Grey Wood Flooring

Royalty seems to be synonymous with the French savoir faire of all things beautiful. As predecessors of the modern French Republic, the early modern monarchy was the Kingdom of France. Such a title is only fitting for the most splendid and authentic aged French floors on the market. Weaving the past into the present through art and technique of immense beauty, these Kings of France French oak floors are the anchors to your home...and all things beautiful.


Service and Knowledge of European Materials

Pavé strives to provide the Architect, Designer, Builder and Homeowner the service, trust and in-depth knowledge of these extremely prized antique and artisan French and Belgium building materials. With a showroom that is a treasure trove of material - making an appointment at Pavé will be a ROI in your time traveling there.


About Pavé

Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc., founded in 2000 by French and American husband and wife team, François and Emmi Micallef, supplies authentic French and Belgian building materials for fine custom home construction.

For nearly 20 years, Pavé's relationships bring to the US market products ranging from aged and antiqued French limestone and aged and antiqued Belgian Bluestone flooring to French reclaimed wide-plank oak solid and engineered floors and French reclaimed terra cotta tile flooring. 

Their new division, an Ecommerce site called Historic Decorative Materials allows the purchase of these products on-line.

Pavé Tile, Wood & Stone, Inc's. by-appointment only showroom provides access to view and touch all their extraordinary French and Belgian building materials - helping clients, architects, interior designers and builders to make decisions for their fine home building projects.